October 2017


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Webinar: Introduction to Living Well with a Disability Program

This webinar introduces RTC:Rural’s Living Well with a Disability Program and the first-hand experiences of staff at Centers for Independent Living that implement the program. It is intended for use by staff at CILs, Area Agencies on Aging, and other service providers who might be interested in implementing Living Well workshops at their own agency.

Program Overview

The first video features RTC:Rural Training Associate Maggie Lawrence giving an introduction to the Living Well with a Disability (LWD) program. In the video, she introduces LWD program content and the Living Well Facilitator Training website. She also explains how organizations can become licensed program providers and how staff  can become consumer workshop facilitators.

View the LWD Program Overview video here: Living Well with a Disability Intro Webinar: Program Overview


Guest Speakers

The second video features three guest speakers who describe implementing the LWD program at their CILs: Bert Rios, Outreach Coordinator at S.M.I.L.E. in Yuma, Arizona; Dermot Thiel, Program Director at Wyoming Independent Living in Laramie, Wyoming; and Jude Monson, Program Manager at Summit Independent Living in Missoula, Montana. Rios, Thiel, and Monson each have years of experience implementing the Living Well program with diverse populations.

The speakers share their insights and experiences and answer questions from webinar participants about their various approaches to implementing the program. They also offer their perspectives on program impact, adaptability and sustainability.

View the Guest Speaker video here: Living Well with a Disability Intro Webinar: Guest Speakers

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