July 2017




Policy Makers, Service Providers

Webinar: Effective Rural Vocational Rehabilitation Job Development

On July 22, 2017, State Vocational Rehabilitation staff and administrators, as well as researchers and job development providers from across the country, participated in RTC:Rural’s State of the Science webinar exploring how Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) payment models influence the availability of job development services in rural areas. The event aimed to help participants understand which models may facilitate better VR outcomes in rural areas, and encourage conversation between VR and providers about how payment models impact job development services.

While VR agencies use a variety of models to deliver job development services, the majority contract with third-party providers to deliver services such as resume development, job coaching, and job placement. There is evidence, however, that different payment models (such as hourly, fee-for-service, or performance-based benchmarks) influence the availability and quality of job development services in rural communities.

A recording of the webinar and the materials developed for it are available for viewing and download at the following links:

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