December 2018


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The Art of Disclosing Your Disability

The Art of Disclosing Your DisabilityTwo women shake hands. is a guide for people with disabilities who are applying for jobs. It is a resource to help people think about how to talk about disability-related job issues during a job interview.
It is written in a question and answer format.
The guide answers these 10 questions:
  1. What are the benefits to me of bringing up the subject of my disability in an interview?
  2. What is a reasonable accommodation?
  3. How do I know if I need a reasonable accommodation?
  4. What if I cannot do one of the “marginal” functions of the job?
  5. What if I feel that the employer does not have a right to know about my disability?
  6. When does the issue of my disability come up in an interview?
  7. How do I know whether to bring it up or not?
  8. How do I bring it up?
  9. What if I want my counselor or job developer to bring it up for me?
  10. What does my job counselor need to know?
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