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Reduce Obesity: Guidelines, Recommendations and Adaptions Including Disability

Reduce Obesity Guidelines Recommendations and Adaptations Including DisabilityThe Reduce Obesity: GRAIDS website is dedicated to providing a compilation of obesity prevention and reduction Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations Including Disability (GRAIDs).

Youth and young adults with disabilities live in and among the residents of their communities, and they deserve the same opportunities to participate in health promoting activities. By identifying and recommending potential strategies for encouraging inclusion in community-based obesity prevention programs, an important first step is being made to promote a healthier lifestyle and improve overall well being for these individuals.

The GRAIDs on this website include recommendations and adaptations to the CDC’s 24 obesity reduction strategies in order to ensure they are inclusive and accessible for youth and young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. The four focus areas that all of the GRAIDs consider are physical activity, nutrition, culture, and policy. The recommendations and adaptations within each GRAID are broken out by four domains: (1) the built environment, (2) services, (3) instruction, and (4) equipment.

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