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Map of Out of Labor Force and Disability in the US

map of out of labor force rates of people with disabilities across the United States - see page content for text descriptionThis map of the United States looks at people with a disability and shows the percentage of people who are employed who have a disability in every county in the country. Click on the map to the left for a large version.

This map is part of the Disability in America Map Series.

The information used to create this map came from the American Community Survey. To browse the data this map was created with, use our Disability Counts Data Finder tool.

Text Description

This map of the United States depicts rates of people with disabilities who are out of labor force, mapped by county. Rates are broken down into five categories ranging from 5.48% to 100%. Rates of people with disabilities no longer in the labor force are extremely high (62.75-100%) throughout large sections of the South, especially in Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama. Rates are lower (5.48-54.11%) throughout the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions including Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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