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Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

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Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

Kids As Self Advocates (KASA) is a national, grassroots project created by youth with disabilities for youth. The group provides information and support for youth so that they can make choices and advocate for themselves.

KASA members are leaders in their communities, and spread helpful, positive information among their peers to increase knowledge around different issues, and to help each other succeed. They also help health care professionals, policy makers, and other adults in their communities understand what it is like to be a youth with a disability.

The KASA website has over 60 different tipsheets and guides. Each was written by youth with disabilities. The resources share real life experiences and helpful information, and are youth-friendly and accessible.

KASA Resources

Civil Rights and Advocacy  – Resources about the rights that protect youth with disabilities and how to advocate or speak up for your rights

Staying Safe  – Information about staying safe

Education – Resources about advocating for what you need in school and resources about college

Health– Resources on healthcare transition and advocacy for youth with disabilities

Work – Resources on how to find a job, how to advocate for the accommodations you need, and more

Sports Recreation and Leisure – Information on sports, recreation, summer camps and other opportunities

Dating and Relationships– Resources on how to go about dating and entering in to relationships

Technology – Resources about the different options you have when it comes to technology

Transportation and Getting Around – Resources on using public transportation, traveling, and travel agents

Disability History and Culture – Information and resources on Disability history and Disability culture

Working with a Group – This section has resources on how to lead and work with a group

Resources are available in English and Spanish.

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