July 2019


Accessibility, Advocacy, Community Living, Education, Employment, Health & Wellbeing



Berks County Transition Council: What’s Cookin’ Youth Training Modules (Advocacy and Transition)

What's Cooking Youth Training Modules
The BCTCC What’s Cookin’ Youth Training Modules features Youth Advocate training that includes tips on:

  • Successful Presentations
  • Self Awareness and Advocacy
  • Empowerment and Leadership
  • Disability Culture and Community
  • Transition from High School
  • IEPs
  • Employment
  • Higher Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Independent Living
  • Positive Relationships
  • Getting Involved

Youth leaders must have tools available to provide education and advocacy opportunities to other young adults.  It is hoped that each of these recipes can provide youth with the ingredients needed to prepare and present workshops.  Youth play a critical role in conveying important information to their peers.  This cookbook is a compilation of newly developed materials and already existing tools from other organizations.  The materials in this book are meant to support youth in developing their own trainings and workshops, using whatever ingredients are most beneficial for a particular workshop.

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